Why Actively Managing Your Newsletter Is Essential

Newsletters are a wonderful way to have a steady and ready audience for your fiction.

But they also can be problematic, and you need to take an active role in managing them.

Problems like lurkers, those creepy people who always hang on the…

This is what I woke to today and is the inspiration behind me writing this and sharing some insight with you, in hopes that it will inspire you to achieve.

Each morning, before working on my new novel, I track the sales ranking of my published novels, collecting daily data…

War is air. War is life.

The metallic cloud of spent rounds.
The thudding in your heart when the world explodes.
The ripping of the air as the Klaxon screeches and the C-RAM tears apart the invasive enemy.

The overwhelming frustration of boredom and the numbing of the mind. …

Why Audio Drama Is Becoming the Space For New Voices

One of the things I have never been able to relate to is the term “I can’t.” For me, anything worth thinking about is at least worth attempting with an honest effort. …

Paul Sating

Paul Sating is an author and audio dramatist, and self-professed coolest dad on the planet. Find more information about his books & podcasts at paulsating.com.

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